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Create A Personal Nest
What You Tried: You've configured your room to suit your needs. The one thing you can't change? The person you share it with.

What You Should Try: Give up on finding an ideal temperature that suits you both. Women's core body temperatures fluctuate due to hormonal changes during menstruation and menopause (birth control pills can also raise it slightly). At the same time, because women are usually smaller than men, they have a different distribution of fat and tend to have icy extremities, we tend to feel cold faster. Sharing a blanket can amplify the heat—except for when he pulls it off you.

Claim Your Space: Instead of separate rooms, try separate sheets, suggests John Dittami, an Austria-based sleep researcher and a coauthor of the book Sleeping Better Together. Dittami has talked to couples who claim this tactic saved their marriages. Another idea: Put a pillow barrier between the two of you to block some of his body heat and movement.

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