Dr. Reef Karim with the Hawk family

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Mike says he and Darla have tried to stop before, but they've never been successful. "We're not bad people—we've tried to quit over and over and over. ... It seems like either I'll quit and Darla will continue to use or Darla will quit and I'll continue to use," he says. "It's a vicious cycle, and it seems like everything we do just digs a bigger hole for ourselves."

This time, Mike, Darla, Michael and Matt all agree they need to stop using and say they want help. Four drug treatment centers have agreed to take one family member each, under certain conditions. They each must personally call the treatment center to accept the offer, and they must be on a plane within 24 hours. The treatment centers have even agreed to pay for all expenses, and Darla can take Cayden to rehab with her.

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Dr. Karim says the Hawks have to be separated because they need to go on their own journeys to recover. "Each one of them has their own stresses, anxiety, possible depression, mood changes, triggers and associations. They have a lot of work to do individually. They can do family therapy later," he says. "Right now, the focus has to be on each of them and their unique relationship with the drug."

All four of them say they are ready to kick their heroin habit.