The Hawk family, Michael, Matt, Mike and Darla

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Mike and Darla aren't the only ones in the Hawk family with a heroin problem. Their two teenage sons, Michael and Matt, are also addicted. All four of them are joining Oprah via satellite because they say they can't go long enough without the drug to make the trip to Chicago.

While Mike and Darla know their sons are addicts, they say the family does not shoot up together. "It's something we usually don't talk about," Mike says. "We know that they do it, but they don't actually do it in front of us." The parents do admit, however, that they've used heroin in front of the boys.

Mike and Darla say this is not the life they envisioned when they got married. "It's nowhere near the dream I had for my family," Mike says. "This is a nightmare."

Darla says she cries every day. "I hate it," she says. "I want nothing more than for this to stop and to just get back to the way we used to be."