Thanks to advances in science and technology, Dr. Oz says people will one day be able to live longer, healthier lives. Dr. Oz says Wake Forest University is home of one of the country's foremost tissue regeneration labs. "These are technologies that fascinate me because they could add decades to our life," he says.

What is regenerative medicine? Dr. Anthony Atala, director of Wake Forest's program, says his team is working to create cells, tissues and organs for patients who may need them. "Right now, of course, we have a limited life span because your parts are breaking down," he says. "But imagine a time in the future when, once those parts start breaking down, you can just plug a new one right in."

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Over the years, Dr. Atala's researchers have grown nearly two dozen different types of body parts, including muscle, bones and a working heart valve. "I think if we start combining things like better prevention, better care, doing things better for your body, and just with regenerative medicine, we may push [our life spans] up to 120, 130 years," Dr. Atala says.


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