Say Hello!

Wherever you are at this very moment, find someone to connect with. Maybe it's the person sitting next to you on the bus, the coworker in the office a few feet away, or a neighbor just down the street. Whoever it is, we want you to start a conversation today.

Send Your Story of Connection to Us

Tell us about a hello you gave or received by posting to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Vine using the hashtag #justsayhello—and see stories of connection from around the world here. You can also send us a Skype video message by following these instructions:
  • You must be over 13. Not 18? Please ask your parents' permission.
  • Don't have Skype? Visit and set up an account. It's free and it'll just take a minute. Then follow the instructions below to submit a Skype Video Message.
  • First, sign in to Skype.
  • Next, add “Skype.JustSayHello” to your contacts.
  • Then select the name, press the plus sign, and then select “Send video message.”
  • Next, tap the record button to tell us how you said hello!
  • You can record a video message of up to three minutes, which can be previewed prior to sending. If you'd like to, you can delete and re-record until you are completely happy with it.
  • When you are ready, simply click on the envelope icon to send your video message.
  • You can record a Skype video message on your smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer as long as you have a built-in or external camera attached.

Share a Virtual Hello

Though you can't always be close to the people you need to reach out to most, using Skype can help keep your connections strong. "It's easy to chat on the phone, but nothing beats being able to see another person's face," says Amy Rosenstein. She uses Skype to stay connected with a friend of nearly 30 years who relocated to Hong Kong in 2009. "We'll have coffee ‘together' during some of our calls—it's almost like we're sitting at the same table. The distance between us immediately fades away."

Use Social Media for Good

We all know that social media can leave us feeling detached, but experts agree that the online world doesn't have to isolate us—if we use it the right way. In fact, the average user of a social-networking site has more close ties and is half as likely to be socially isolated as the average American, according to a pew poll. "Speaking face-to-face is always best, but online is better than nothing," says University of Chicago psychology professor John T. Cacioppo, PhD. "When you use social media as a way to promote richer interactions in the real world, that's a very good thing." the bottom line: It's okay to start the conversation online—as long as you don't let it end there.

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