Keep it going! The ninth month of our 2011 Feel Good Challenge includes all the following articles and tools.

Body Confidence  
What a "junk thought" is and how to get rid of one
The thing that helps one woman feel better naked
Happy Woman  
Could you ever have a...nude attitude?
Mother & daughter    
The fat fight: What to do to stop it
Martha Beck's cure for self-consciousness
FGC Logo    
Quiz: Are you at home in your body?
FGC Logo  
Workbook: How much "body esteem" do you have?
Val Monroe    
How one woman sheds her last inhibition
11 reasons to love your body (and his)
Bob Greene    
Why you need to become "functionally fit"
Oprah Winfrey  
Oprah: "This is the body you've been given—love what you've got"
What to do when your body lets you down
Beauty contest  
Life isn't a beauty contest? She actually convinced us
Sit up    
Bob Greene's 7 workouts to make yourself stronger


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