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Michele is Skyping in to the Oprah Show studio from Burlington, Ontario, Canada. She says she thinks she's lost her mind as a result of her menopausal symptoms, which include migraines, moodiness and exhaustion. 

"In two and a half years, I have not had a full night's sleep. I haven't had one day of feeling well. I constantly feel sick," Michele says. "Plus, I have a bad attitude because I'm mad. I'm really, really angry."

Michele is encouraged by Linda's results and would love to visit Dr. Hall's practice for herself. Determined to help Michele get back to her old self, Robin offers to take Michele for her first visit. "Thank you," Michele says. "This isn't just for me—it's for my family, too, because they're missing the old me."

"We want you to feel great," Oprah says. "I can't wait to see you feel better!"