Robin McGraw talks about hormone replacement therapy.

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Robin writes about her experiences with hormone replacement therapy in her book What's Age Got to Do with It? Like many mothers, Robin says she was making her family a priority but not taking care of herself. "[As women, we] put ourselves at the bottom of the list," she says. "It was through my mother's untimely death and raising my boys that I started to think, 'Wait a minute, I love my children, so I need to take care of their mother.'"

Robin says it wasn't just physical symptoms like hot flashes that alerted her to a problem. She noticed differences in her overall attitude. "I thought, 'Why can't I pull myself out of this? Because I'm a happy person. I'm always smiling, and I'm losing that. I'm losing that excitement for everything I'm taking on in my life right now.'"

When Robin went to the doctor, she was told she was in menopause and got a prescription for hormones. Though Robin insisted she wanted to do research before taking anything, she says the doctor laughed at her. "She said, 'Oh you'll be back. Trust me,'" Robin says. "I think the one moment that sealed my fate ... was when she said, 'And also fill this because you're going to need it.' And it was antidepressants."