Challenge yourself at work

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Challenge Yourself at Work
Whether you do it by changing careers or simply taking on more responsibilities at the job you have, finding something that pushes you out of your comfort zone can help protect against memory-deteriorating diseases. One study published in Neurology reviewed the work histories of people with and without Alzheimer's and found that those who developed the disease had fewer mentally taxing assignments. Researchers believe that the mental stimulation of more demanding jobs can help shore up cognitive reserves and stave off dementia. Says Snyder, "Routinely challenging yourself with projects that require you to multitask and solve problems fortifies systems in the brain that are important for memory."

Help Researchers Learn More
About Memory Loss

One of the best things you can do to help scientists find a cure for Alzheimer's disease is to join the Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative, a new registry where you can volunteer to participate in medical surveys and clinical trials. You don't have to suffer from dementia to help—the more people (both healthy and sick) who join, the more researchers can learn about what's going on in the human brain. Sign up at

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