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Image of Serena Williams courtesy Mission Athletecare

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Cover Your Back
The back of your neck, that is. "The blood vessels in that area are close to the surface of the skin," says New York dermatologist Michele Green, MD (that's why you can feel your pulse there). When you place something cold in that area, it constricts the blood vessels, causes nerves to signal "brrr..." to the brain and lowers your body temperature (the wrists and the back of the knees are other pulse points, but they're not as effective at providing instant relief, Green says). Instead of an ice cube, which Green adds can cause a mild "cold burn," try a towel soaked in ice water. For a longer-lasting, less-drippy chill, you could try a Mission Enduracool towel. When wet, the hollow fibers in the proprietary wicking fabric absorb liquid, circulate it throughout the towel and allow it to evaporate. This process causes the towel to feel about 30 degrees colder than when dry, and the effect lasts for up to two hours—or until you re-soak it.