I crack my knuckles. My wife hates it. She hogs the blankets in bed, and I elbow her in the side and yank them back every night. When you spend enough time with someone, eventually he will get on your nerves. But of all the things on this list that I could say aren't worth your time trying to solve, this is the one. You have to pick your battles, and in this case, I suggest developing thicker skin and a healthy sense of perspective.

A man is not going to respond well if you make an issue out of one of his weird tendencies, and doing so may make it worse out of spite. He might start drinking out of the milk carton within full view on a nightly basis, just because he knows it bothers you. Yes, it's childish and spiteful, but that's what men do sometimes when they feel like they're being nagged.

We all have little quirks and tics that drive our partners crazy. But men and women share equal blame. You have habits that are annoying to him too, so remember that before you approach your partner about one of his. The great toilet seat up/toilet seat down battle can never be won, and it's best to save your energy for more productive projects.

Do you spend more on purses than he does on beers?


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