You've been with your partner for a while now, and maybe the shine has worn off a little. He's getting paunchy, he just tracked mud all over the carpet, and you're pretty sure it's him making that smell at night, not the dog. Whether Prince Charming has reverted back into a frog or you knew you bought a fixer-upper from the start, you can start helping him make changes for the better. But there's a good way to go about it and bad way. 
You have to plan your approach carefully or else you run the risk of making things worse. Going about it the wrong way can catch him off guard and, at worst, make him resent you. 

I've been with my wife for 10 years, and while we can't claim to have resolved all our differences, that's plenty of time to learn what makes each other tick. We have two kids, and we've talked about each of the following 10 things at one time or another. I like to think I wasn't such a hard case; she would probably disagree. But in the end we found ways to communicate and make our relationship better. We both agree on that. 

The best way to sneak in a veggie or two into his diet


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