Enjoying Friends and Family

And this brings us to the final holiday hurdle: making sure to keep everything in perspective.

The holidays are holy days. They're meant for religious observance and reflection. Even if you're not religious, the holidays give us all time to appreciate the wonderful blessings we've been fortunate to receive and to look for ways to bestow such blessings on others.

Everyone may celebrate differently, but I think the most important thing to remember is that the holidays are only as significant as we allow them to be. They may remind us to be our best selves because they force us to see the big picture.

Why Oprah loves the holiday season

The feeling of community that is palpable as so many come together to rest and celebrate reminds us to think about others and what we can be doing to help those we know and those we don't. While looking for ways to be of service shouldn't necessarily be something we need reminding of, each of us can lose sight at some point during the year. The holidays bring us back to center just in time to start the new year with fresh eyes and open hearts.

We are each only one person, hopefully growing better as we grow older. Somewhere along the way, we realize that personal growth has as much to do with helping others as it does with helping ourselves, and learning to live this every day is part of the life journey.

Having great family and friends along for the ride makes it all the more fun.

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