No matter what you celebrate, we all struggle with similar problems. How do you find time to give everyone a gift they'll like without breaking the bank? How do you entertain without breaking your back? How do you enjoy all the fun holiday parties without breaking the scale? And, most importantly, how do you make sure that you and your family remember what's actually important at this time of year?
Every year, December manages to creep up out of nowhere. You've barely recovered from your Thanksgiving food coma before the Christmas lights are up. Frantic shopkeeps proclaiming "unbeatable deals!" harass you on a daily basis, while irritating holiday Muzak tones provide the soundtrack to your last-minute shopping frenzy.

Come January 1, you are sucked dry of your very life force and with what to show for all your effort? A migraine, serious debt and a boatload of gifts to return for store credit.

That's no holiday! What's wrong with this picture?

Well, not this year, folks! I am calling it quits, striking out on my own. This is going to be a stress-free, happy, healthy holiday in the Oz home.

Why not come along for the ride?


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