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When You're Feeling Slightly Manic...
Especially on harried, high-strung mornings, you hereby have license (a scientific one) to treat yourself to a dose of chocolate. It'll likely lessen your anxiety, as it did for the volunteers in a study at the U.K.'s University of Wolverhampton. The surprise: Both milk chocolate and a low-sugar equivalent had the same soothing effect on anxious snackers. (The volunteers preferred milk chocolate to the low-sugar bar, which the researchers say is no less unhealthy—in small amounts.) Blood glucose levels did not rise outside the normal range, and they returned to baseline levels in time for lunch.

How much: 40 grams, or about 4 squares of a chocolate bar

Extra perk: Research has found that chocolate may improve blood flow to the brain in older people, which could result in improved memory and clearer thinking.