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Jamie Oliver's Health School Lunch Success
In 2004, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver started a campaign to improve school lunches in Greenwich, a borough of London. He helped school officials replace unhealthy processed foods like Turkey Twizzlers—Britain's answer to chicken fingers—with iron-rich, brain-boosting foods like green vegetables and red meat.

Now, five years later, the results are showing great promise. According to the Times of London , a report by the Institute for Social and Economic Research shows the 11-year-old students who ate Oliver's lunches had improved test scores—by 8 percent in science and 6 percent in English—and reduced absences due to illness by 15 percent.

Oliver is now trying to bring those positive results to the United States. For the TV show Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution , which will air in 2010, he is attempting to change the school lunches in Huntington, West Virginia. Oliver chose Huntington because it is, according to the Associated Press, the unhealthiest city in America.

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