Beware of sudden cardiac death.

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Sudden Cardiac Death Will Kill 1 in 8 Men
A cardiologist at Northwestern University has found that men who are now 40 years old have a one in eight chance of dying from a condition called sudden cardiac death. Most sudden cardiac death is from heart attacks, but other conditions include irregular heartbeats or infections. These are defined as sudden cardiac death if the patient dies within an hour of the first sign of symptoms.

Dr. Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, the lead author of the analysis, is quoted in the Wall Street Journal describing sudden cardiac death as "one of the most devastating manifestations" of heart disease.

Women have a lower risk of sudden cardiac death, a one in 24 likelihood. However, as Dr. Oz has said, heart disease is the number one killer of women . The best ways to reduce risk are to quit smoking, eat a healthy diet, exercise and consult a doctor.