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You don't have to be an MD to know the effects of an OD. Overdose on blueberry pie, and you're going to break the bathroom scale. Expose yourself to too much sun, and your skin is going to crinkle like a piece of bacon. And we all know what happens when you tip a few too many glasses of your favorite booze at the office party/happy hour/best friend's wedding.

The outer effects from the morning after: Your head pounds, your stomach churns and your whole world spins faster than a motorcycle tire. On the inside: Your liver has to work overtime to handle the OD.

While one to two drinks a day have been shown to confer many health benefits, including cardiovascular and longevity ones, upping that amount can be risky for more than the obvious reasons of decreased mental and physical abilities that come with excessive drinking. It's also because the day-after hangovers are linked to memory impairment and decreased visual-spatial skills—making you more prone to accidents even the day after a vodkafest.

Ways to prevent the hangover...besides not drinking too much!

Ways to Prevent the Hangover…Besides Not Drinking Too Much!

from: Internal Affaris: YOU, Your Liver and Pancreas

While you drink, eat foods with healthy fat such as avocados or walnuts. That will help to slow or delay the absorption of alcohol. Same goes for honey and tomato juice, which are both rich in fructose, allowing your body to metabolize alcohol more effectively.

Also, choose light alcohol over dark alcohol. Darker drinks contain substances called congeners. They're what give flavor, color and aroma to alcohol, but there's also a higher association with hangover headaches from drinks with congeners than from drinks without them. In short: vodka and gin trump whiskey, bourbon and red wine.

The next morning

The Next Morning: Heal the Hangover
While no randomized studies prove it, hangover symptoms seem to be diminished by caffeine and water. So drink a lot of water or fluids that have minerals and electrolytes (like energy drinks) to help alleviate the dehydration associated with alcohol consumption.

Caffeine can also help subdue headaches because of its effect on constricting your arteries—but remember to drink more water with it, as caffeine is a diuretic.

Keep this printable plan in case you—or your maid of honor—need a little help. PDF

Hangover helpers for preventing holidaze

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