Regular Flu Shot

The regular flu vaccine will be available as early as August. Dr. Lippitt says the vaccine is recommended for all children under 18, but especially those who are high-risk candidates—children 5 years and younger, diabetics, asthmatics and those with other chronic illnesses.

The vaccine will first be released in the form of flu mist in August or September, but if you have a newborn, you're going to have to wait on this one. "It's only available for kids 2 years old and older," Dr. Lippitt says. "It's a live virus vaccine, so there are restrictions, such as [those in] pregnancy and undergoing chemotherapy."

If you're more inclined to use the vaccine injection, it should be available in September or October. However, you might want to consider the mist-style vaccine. "The flu mist has a quicker onset for protection and maybe even more protection," Dr. Lippitt says. "But it's been out for a shorter time than the flu shot."

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