It's time to check for back-to-school illness, and that means a trip to your pediatrician is in order. Even if your children feel perfectly healthy, let the doc make that decision before you send them back on the bus.


Dr. Denise Lippitt, a pediatrician at Medical Center Pediatrics in West Bloomfield, Michigan, recommends a physical every fall, as some behavioral disorders can go undetected for years. "If we're seeing the kid yearly, we usually know the family the best: the siblings, the parent interaction, the family history. If you've seen them all along and there's a difference, you're going to notice it," Dr. Lippitt says.

Since many children are bursting with energy, be careful not to write off attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder as bad behavior. According to Lyndsay Ori, a board-certified behavior analyst at North Shore Pediatric Therapy in Chicago, kids with ADD and ADHD are often easily distracted and struggle with hyperactivity, lack of impulse control and organizational tasks, such as problem solving and planning.

Diagnosing ADHD


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