Giant chocolate chip cookies

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The Ultimate: A cafeteria-size chocolate chip cookie with walnuts (450 calories, 12g saturated fat)
We may be biologically predisposed to seek out high-fat foods when we're feeling down: One study showed that fatty acids helped participants feel better after they were shown sad faces and asked to listen to depressing music. Roberts says we create our own flavor-specific cravings by associating treats with emotional situations. Then when you're bummed out and eat your favorite snack, Roberts says, your brain rewards you by releasing endorphins and dopamine...and that's how Mrs. Fields becomes your therapist.

The Alternate: By downscaling to two 2 1/2-inch homemade oatmeal-raisin cookies, Gensler says, you'll have enough calories left over to spoon a half-cup vanilla frozen yogurt between them (226 calories, 1g saturated fat per sandwich; 131 calories, 1g saturated fat for just the two cookies).

Even Healthier: Gensler suggests Nilla wafers (8 cookies, 140 calories, 1.5g saturated fat) or low-calorie ginger snaps (4 cookies, 117 calories, 0.7g saturated fat). You'll feel less likely to keep eating if you wash them down with 1 cup of calcium-rich skim milk (83 calories, 0g saturated fat).
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