Foods to Enjoy: Gluten-Free Foods

Fresh meats, fish, poultry (make sure any marinade you use is wheat-free)
Most dairy (no blue cheese, Gorgonzola)
Gluten-free flours (rice, soy, corn, potato)
Any products labeled "gluten-free"

Foods to Avoid: Beware of Sneaky Gluten

Gluten hides in all sorts of unsuspecting food items, like the salad dressing at your work cafeteria or the candy at the movie theater (a common method of getting individual pieces to avoid clumping is to dust them with flour and/or dextrin). Soy sauce, imitation seafood, textured vegetable protein (veggie burgers, soy dogs) and beer are all laced with enough gluten to cause severe reactions in some.

What do all of these products have in common? Wheat. Understandable, you might say. What if I told you the same was true of food additives (malt flavoring, modified food starch, etc.), medications, postage stamps, toothpaste and even your lipstick? The world starts to look like a veritable minefield of gluten, lurking in the most innocuous of places to bite you back when you bite it.

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