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Don't Waste Time Arguing with an Inflexible Nurse
If your problem is serious enough that your doctor sends you to the hospital, you may find yourself butting heads with a staff member. This is what happened to CNN's Cohen immediately after the birth of her third daughter, who faced serious medical issues. A NICU nurse insisted on continuing to treat the baby with procedures that the doctor had prescribed, not knowing that the doctor subsequently informed Cohen that the treatment was no longer necessary. Fortunately, another nurse stepped in, but Cohen says she's since learned better ways to handle situations like these.
DO firmly ask the nurse to double-check with the doctor, "just to be sure." If that doesn't yield the desired results, Cohen suggests this phrase: "I'm concerned that your actions are going to cause harm. Please let me talk to someone else immediately." Cohen says it's important to make it clear that you are more concerned than complaining. Finally, contact the hospital ombudsman. Most hospitals have someone on staff who is employed to represent and advocate for patients, says Cohen, and you can call them on the hospital phone or ask about them at the information desk.

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