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Don't Slip into Obedient Schoolgirl Mode
While most of us think that we're confident enough to disagree with our doctors, a small but interesting study recently published in the journal Health Affairs found that even relatively affluent and well-educated patients often view their doctors as authoritarian, worry about being perceived as "difficult" and hold back their opinions.
DO say what you're thinking. Very often, Brackett says, a doctor will prescribe a treatment, and a patient will decide in the office that they're not going to follow that plan but won't say anything...or they'll just switch doctors. This not only frustrates both providers (old and new) but also means that the patient's problem remains unresolved. If your insurance doesn't cover a particular treatment, or you'd rather try something else, or you don't agree with the doctor's plan, tell them ASAP, Brackett says. It's fine to take time to think it over and do more research at home, he says, but if you decide not to follow the doctor's advice, follow up promptly with the office triage nurse or the doctor directly.