Jillian's 90-day plan

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Now that Jillian knows just how bad her health is, Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen are ready to start her on the 90-day Live Longer, Feel Younger Plan'.

First up for Jillian is a yoga lesson from Dr. Oz. "The key to yoga is a deep breath," he says. According to Dr. Oz, yoga helps improve strength and flexibility and can also help control blood pressure, and regulate breathing and heart rate.

Regular movement is crucial, so Jillian must ensure she walks for at least 30 minutes every day. "No matter what," Dr. Roizen says. "There's a hurricane? You walk 30 minutes a day. Earthquake—30 minutes a day. Tornado—30 minutes a day. Snowstorm—30 minutes a day."

Jillian meets with a personal trainer who helps her with stretching, weight lifting and crunches.

She even gets a lesson in healthy cooking because, as Dr. Roizen says, "food is medicine." First Dr. Roizen teaches her a recipe for whole-wheat pizza dough with tomato paste, which can help dramatically reduce cancer risk. The next recipe he shows Jillian is for salmon, which he says is rich in omega-3 fatty acids that can stabilize your heartbeat, lower blood pressure and help you to live longer. "I can't believe I like salmon," she says.