MagneTrainer mini exercise bike

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Can't Get Outside? Do Your Cardio in Your Cubicle
The ingenious treadmill desk is probably the most efficient way to burn multiple burritos' worth of calories while you work. For those with less space in their cubicles (or apartments), the portable pedal bike is another "deskercise" machine that's well suited to multitasking. While the bikes sound like something you'd see on an infomercial, they have the potential to help you work off 10 biscotti per week. To test the appeal of the bikes, exercise researchers gave them to full-time workers (mostly women) and tracked their usage. As reported in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the workers pedaled for an average of 23.4 minutes on the days they used the bike, burning an average of 187 calories per day. This bike from MagneTrainer costs around $150, has a stable base and uses high-grade magnets to create a quiet, smooth ride that won't distract your boss.
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