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The Things Patients Don't Want to Discuss with Anyone, Ever
Pain during sex, urinary or fecal incontinence or uncomfortable anatomical quirks—these are all topics that some women are still loath to talk about, even in a world of way-too-intimate pharmaceutical commercials.

Reasons to talk about this: "All of these are treatable," says Streicher. Excruciating intercourse could due to vaginal dryness (this is the most common cause of painful sex in women of all ages), or a condition like vaginismus or vulvodinia, all of which may be helped by lubricants, prescription medication or pelvic floor physical therapy. Incontinence of any kind is a widespread problem, says Streicher, and gynecologists have several options for treatment, ranging from physical therapy to surgery. As for your unusual body issues, she's seen them all (even rectoceles—and if you don't know what these are, you should feel relieved), and most likely has the cure for your discomfort.