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Can I get away with just SPF 15 today?
Download: EPA's SunWise UV Index

Before you step outside, enter your zip code into this forecaster to find out the expected UV index and get suggestions on how to reduce sun exposure and what strength SPF you'll need.
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Is this safe to eat?
Download: What's on My Food?

Developed by the nonprofit Pesticide Action Network, this app identifies the pesticide residues likely to end up on more than 90 conventional and organic foods based on information from the USDA's Pesticide Data Program and other government agencies. The app outlines health risks associated with these chemicals (ranging from carcinogens to hormone disruptors).
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Should I be able to read that sign?
Download: Vision Test

If you're asking, it's probably time to get your eyes checked. About 86 percent of adults who have or are at risk for an eye disease don't keep up with routine eye exams (which should take place every one to two years). This app runs through five basic eye tests that will assess your vision with accuracy and help you locate opticians nearby.
health apps

Is it okay to exercise outside?
Download: EPA's AIRNow

Get the daily air quality index (ranging from 0 to 500, though it's rare to see levels above 200) in your area by entering your zip code. Having this info on hand should help you take precautions that will let you breathe a little easier.

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