1. We take some offense when you show up hungover.
"You knew you had a 6 a.m. appointment with us, yet you still chose to go out drinking the night before."
Traci D. Mitchell , a Chicago-based health and fitness coach, and the creator of the 40 Day Shape Up plan.

2. ...however, you should still come in even if you aren't feeling psyched to work out.
"I had a client last week who told me he felt very tight and sore. I scrapped the high-intensity Tabata program I had planned, and we did dynamic stretching for the session. Sometimes a client will want to talk about nutrition or how to make time for exercise—instead of doing [that day's] workout. They're still paying for that session, and they can get something out of it other than exercise."
Jenn Zerling, Los Angeles–based owner of JZ Fitness and the author of
Breaking the Chains of Obesity: 107 Tools

3. Please don't expect us to hold your dog or watch your twin babies while you work out (seriously, you can't believe what people ask us). But we're happy to do other things to help you maximize your efficiency.
"I believe that doing stuff like setting up and putting away the weights, helping carry the towel or moving the water bottle out of the way is a part of good client service."
—Traci D. Mitchell

4. Yes, we can smell you. Everyone can smell you.
"We want you to feel comfortable working out, but keep in mind that the gym is a closed environment, often without much air circulation. Your outdoor running group may not mind if you wear the same tank for a week, but odors are magnified inside."
—Jenn Zerling

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