Clearly the need to understand the creation of free radicals and then to take the necessary steps to eliminate them is essential for our systems to be healthy.

Chemicals and toxins, plus stress and poor diet continually help create more and more free radicals, which is why antiaging medicine understands and focuses on the absolute necessity of neutralizing free radicals by utilizing antioxidants through the food you consume, intravenous treatments, and supplementation.

It's a new world. If we continue doing things the same old way—eating chemical-laden foods, using chemical toxins in our homes and offices—it will seriously affect the quality and length of our lives, and most likely will be the trigger for one or more of the previously mentioned diseases.

The public is responding. Growing numbers of people are turning to alternative antiaging medicine to address their needs. This new breakthrough medicine recognizes the wisdom and effectiveness of this approach to health, which blends mind, science, and experience. In 1993, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that over a third of those surveyed chose alternative medicine over traditional conventional medicine because people have grown weary of the medical establishment's continued emphasis on diagnostic testing and treatment with drugs without focusing on them as the patient.
Reprinted from Breakthrough: Eight Steps to Wellness by Suzanne Somers. Copyright © 2009. Published by The Crown Publishing Group, a division of Random House, Inc.


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