13. Think about any attachments that are depleting your emotional reserves. Are you dwelling on an ex-lover? Stewing over a grudge at work? Consider letting go.

14. Go ahead and grab an energy bar if you don't have time for a meal. But, Peeke warns, choose one with no more than 20 grams of carbohydrates and two grams of saturated fat (two to six grams of total fat).

15. Write down what your purpose in life is. "You have to be going somewhere to have the energy you need to get there," says cardiologist Mehmet Oz, MD.

16. On your commute home, don't read or listen to the news. Pop your favorite rock-out album into your car stereo or portable CD player and amp it up.

17. Take a deep breath—one that feels like it fills your whole body. And let it out all the way. Take another, and one more.

18. Fill a big, beautiful bowl with equal parts water and vinegar, and add sliced cucumbers. Chill it. Throughout the day, refresh yourself with a cucumber nosh.

19. Slip on some strappy heels, a sexy bra. "Arousal," says sexuality expert Pepper Schwartz, PhD, "is like the energy you feel when you start a race. Your senses are alive, your focus is more intense, you're more aware of your body."

20. To override an energy dip, have a slice of avocado or a small handful of nuts—snacks containing healthy fats offer smooth, long-lasting octane.

21. If you're spread so thin you're just about threadbare, gaze inward: Are you using frenetic activity to avoid feeling pain? Or to mask some kind of insecurity? And are you willing to address those problems so you can restock your vitality?

22. Call up your most fun, zany friend and get a dose of enthusiasm—it's contagious. Even better, make plans to do something together.

23. Go out right now and spend some serious, or not so serious, cash on yourself. There's absolutely no science to it, but shopping has a way of reanimating you when you've run out of steam. Could it be a natural high?

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