The vaunted vitamin C monster has critical phytonutrients known to lower blood pressure and contain strong anti-inflammatory properties. Juice is fine, but the real fruit is even better.

The secret, though, is that the orange's most powerful healing properties are found in the peel. Use a zester to grate the peel over bowls of yogurt or salads or directly into smoothies.
  • Sweet Potato
    The best part about sweet potatoes, outside of the beta-carotene, is that they're loaded with fiber. That means they have a gentler effect on blood sugar levels than regular potatoes.
  • Carrot
    The snack of choice for Bugs Bunny happens to be the richest carotene source of all. Baby carrots are perfect plain for dipping or snacking, of course, but also try shredding carrots into a salad or marinara for a bit of natural sweetness.
  • Cantaloupe
    Sliced cantaloupe and yogurt make a great breakfast, or combine the two in a food processor with a touch of honey and lemon and puree into a great low-cal dessert.


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