easy ways to quiet the mind

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Don't Spend More Than Six Hours Alone
While there's growing evidence that working from home can reduce stress and increase productivity, there's reason to believe that spending too much time alone is a recipe for anxiety. Psychiatrist Edward Hallowell, M.D., leading authority on ADHD and author of CrazyBusy, says that face time with another person can have a grounding and calming effect, and you should do it every four to six hours. A study done at the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine (and reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) suggests that a change in brain hormones due to social isolation was responsible for aggression and anxiety in mice. "Research is beginning to show what has been a largely unrecognized importance of human connection," says Hallowell.

How to do it: Commit to regular daily doses of human moments, says Hallowell. Whether that's coffee with a friend or a hair appointment—interact with a real person in the flesh, not on your phone.

Try it when: You don't remember when you last spoke a word out loud to another person.