A 2009 article in Pediatrics, the official journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, disagrees. This article, titled "The Problem with Dr. Bob's Alternative Vaccine Schedule," says Dr. Sears misrepresents data about vaccine science and misinforms parents. "He believes that parents' fears should be indulged by offering alternative schedules, not countered by scientific studies, and he fails to explain that good science is the only way to determine whether a vaccine causes a particular adverse event," the article reads. "A vaccine either causes a problem or it does not."

The American Academy of Pediatrics also says the required extra visits to the pediatrician—five for the CDC's schedule versus a dozen for Dr. Sears' schedule before the child turns 2 years old—will discourage completion of the vaccination process.

Information on Dr. Sears' website recommends parents educate themselves. "Before proceeding with the full regular vaccine schedule, I encourage parents to become fully informed about each disease and vaccine so they can understand the safest way to vaccinate their children."

If you were the parent of a young child, would you follow the CDC's schedule, Dr. Sears' schedule or not allow any vaccines? Share your opinion in the comments section below.


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