Dr. Oz: Not enough. You need probably three times that, so you should get an extra vitamin D pill and take it daily. And the reason I bring that up is that can explain a bunch of things that you're complaining about. And so I will start there. But I also think you should watch the show that Oprah is going to do on Thursday because hormone replacement therapy might be of value to you. Some of the things you're talking about, the brittle hair, the changes of the skin, the drying of the skin, the nail ridges, these are sometimes seen in thyroid diseases and the thyroid gland, which is one of the ways your body really speaks to you, it's this butterfly-shaped gland in your neck, and it controls the thermostat of the body. And so if it's not functioning at the optimal level for you, then sometimes taking a small amount of this thyroid gland can actually put you back on track again. It's also possible that you went through menopause later in part because you were generally healthy and if that's the case, you may actually benefit from taking hormone replacement therapy. And this is not something that I just mention casually. I don't want to be lackadaisical about this. These are big decisions, but you have to be involved in trying to help us figure out if that's indeed what's going on to your body, because what you're mentioning—all of these things, your hair, your skin, your nails—these are all made over months, and so they reflect to us the fact that there's something that's slow but continuous going on in your body.

Trudi: Okay, thank you.

Dr. Oz: And I would definitely add some more leafy green vegetables, which are a good source of biotin. So chard, things like that if you can get access to them in Sweden.

Trudi: Chard?

Oprah: Chard. It's actually Swiss chard.

Dr. Oz: Swiss chard.

Oprah: Swiss chard.

Dr. Oz: Ironically. Romaine lettuce. There are other sources. But biotin is that B vitamin I mentioned earlier in the program that's so important to the way we make these nails and hair and skin.

Oprah: Because the dark circles come from what? I've noticed people with dark circles.

Dr. Oz: The bags are fat that's herniated from behind the eye.

Oprah: Right.

Dr. Oz: The dark circles come from several different causes. One of them is we think adrenal gland changes. Some pigmentation occurs with age for a variety of other reasons. Sometimes if you're exposed to the sun, you actually get a ring beneath the eye because it will go around the sunglasses. It will highlight the bags.

Oprah: So how is your energy level too? How is your energy level?

Trudi: Well, I try—I go to spinning twice a week.

Oprah: Okay.

Trudi: And I go out walking. So I try to keep—

Oprah: The fact you actually get up and go to a spinning class is good.

Trudi: I'm 69. Sometimes I feel tired, yeah.

Dr. Oz: All right.

Oprah: Yeah.

Dr. Oz: Well, you know, we have, all of us, the ability to live with the vitality we desire into our ninth, maybe 10th decade. So you should not be tolerant of not having energy you desire at age 69. There are sometimes where you want to be able to look back on life and enjoy what you've accomplished, but I don't think 69 is the right time.

Trudi: No, no. My mother was 98 and my father was 90 when they died, so I have good genes.

Dr. Oz: Good.

Oprah: Very good. Thank you so much.

Trudi: Okay.

Oprah: Thank you so much for calling in.

Trudi: Thank you.

Oprah: I thought that was such an important thing you just said is that we have the ability and should feel that we can live with vitality into the eighth and ninth decade, and I think so many people settle for feeling less because they don't know that they can feel better.

Dr. Oz: I'm amazed at how many people, if you ask them how do they feel? They say fine. But they don't know what fine means. For most people fine means "I'm not in hospital."

Oprah: Yeah.

Dr. Oz: That's 1 percent of us. What I want to do is to waken up the soul of most of us and say, "Listen. Don't be tolerant of being percent of who you can be. Be 90 percent of who you can be. We can all get there."

Oprah: That's what all this Best Life Week has been about.

Dr. Oz: It has been, and it does it beautifully. It's all of those five topics. You need all of them addressed in your life to live your best life.

Oprah: Absolutely. Don't be satisfied with 25 percent of what you can be. All right. Virginia is a university professor Skyping in from her family's home near Washington, D.C. And your question for Dr. Oz? Hello.

Virginia: Hello. First of all, I just want to say I love you, Oprah. And thank you, Dr. Oz. I love your book. YOU: The Owner's Manual has just been perfect. Now I have a situation. I want to know what Dr. Oz thinks of it and what he makes out of it. About 19 years ago, I underwent an emergency surgery. When I went in for surgery, they gave me anesthesia through—with a needle, and it shut down my body. I could hear everything crystal clear. So what happened was I said to the doctor, I said, "I can hear you. I hope I can't feel you." Then I got a second jolt of anesthesia that set me out into stark darkness. I was scared. I thought everything had messed up and I was dead. I was out in darkness and there was this presence that touched me on my shoulder and sort of led me across the darkness. It took me to the flickering lights of what I saw as an inferno. It put me right in the middle of that inferno and there were wailing and people were crying and the fire was—was burning brightly and it came up into my feet. Up through—past my ankles going up into my knees. I was praying, pleading, begging for my life. I was asking God to just help me to bring me back to life. I want to see flowers. I want to see the park. I want to see people. Please just let me get back to life again. As I pleaded and as the fire was continuing to come up. Just like a 0-degree turn, it started to dissipate and thank God because the fire started to come down my knees and came out of my feet. This spirit, I call it my angel, that led me back across the darkness, and then I woke up in my hospital bed and my doctor said to me, "We stopped taking care of you about an hour ago, so it must have been your angel that brought you here." What do you make of that?


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