Oprah: Jessica lives near Newark, New Jersey, and has a question. Jessica, hi. 

Jessica Hi, Oprah. Hi, Dr. Oz.

Dr. Oz: Hi, Jessica.

Jessica: I picked up these detox foot patches and I was wondering when I put them on at night, this is how they look, and when I take them off in the morning, this is how they look. What is this all about?

Dr. Oz: Well, that's—this is a big domestic battle for me because I've looked into these things, and here's what they look like, Oprah. You can put this on your foot if you want and reevaluate it.

Oprah: Detox foot patches.

Dr. Oz: Yes.

Oprah: Never heard of it. What's it supposed to do?

Dr. Oz: Well, the argument is that it pulls toxins out of your skin so you put it on the bottom of your feet when you go to bed and when you wake up in the morning as you showed, there it is. That's what it looks like. Exactly like that. So my wife, Lisa, swears by these things. She puts them on herself, the kids, and in the morning they get open, they have that appearance to them. But I have looked and I have looked and I cannot find any evidence that they really pull toxins out of you. You know, they're bamboo vinegar basically on the inside. If you put—

Oprah: And so it changes color because not of toxins because of what?

Dr. Oz: You sweat on them.

Oprah: Okay.

Dr. Oz: And overnight they change color. So I must say they're a little suspect that they're doing much good for you. But, again, these are the kinds of ideas that I really challenge people, making them to prove they work. They might work. Who knows? Maybe there's something magical about—

Oprah: Do you feel any different or—how would we know? Maybe it's like a placebo. Do you feel any different?

Jessica: It depends. I have a bunch of different kinds of them, and some of them they help me sleep better and I'm not sure if it's actually pulling toxins out of me or if it's just because I slept better than night. But sometimes I do feel a little different.

Oprah: Well Dr. Oz isn't giving it the big old thumbs up, right?

Dr. Oz: I wouldn't support it. But as I said—

Oprah: Even though Lisa Oz is sleeping with them on the bottom of her feet.

Dr. Oz: I sleep—they're in the bed every night I go to bed, but not on my feet.

Jessica: I make my husband wear them. He puts them on too.

Oprah: Thanks, Jessica.

Dr. Oz: Thank you.

Jessica: Thank you, Bye.

Oprah: Linda from Oakland, California, is on the phone. Hi, Linda. She's on the phone, right?
Dean: Yeah.

Oprah: Hello, Linda. Something happened. She's not there. But the whole point is you have to be very careful because there's so many different you know, offerings out there.

Dr. Oz: There are a lot of offerings. And you know, in fairness, some of these may work through energy.

Oprah: Yeah.

Dr. Oz: Which we in the West don't really acknowledge to be a real entity because I can't measure it. But we know that cells have energy in them.

Oprah: Well, that's why I appreciate you because you're so open to all different ways of really healing ourselves.

Dr. Oz: You know I grew up a good part of my life in Istanbul. And in Turkey, you sit on this Bosphorus, this big waterway, and you'd look across it, and you'd see Asia. And if you're in Asia, you look across and see Europe. So you're right sort of in this—this melding point of cultures, and you saw how each side was so sure of themself.

Oprah: Oh.

Dr. Oz: And that's why when we talk about religion, the opposite of faith is not doubt. It's certainty.

Oprah: Wow.

Dr. Oz: Right? And so when you're absolutely positive you've got it worked out, that's when you begin to violate the basic equipoise, the honesty you have to have with yourself and challenging what works or not. This may absolutely work through a mechanism I can't understand. And if that's the case, I darned well better understand a little more about this before I bash it, because this opens up a whole new vista of opportunities.

Oprah: That's what's so interesting about you as opposed to a lot of other people in your profession who immediately just start bashing things and say, "You know, it doesn't work, it doesn't work. You know, when I started talking to my doctors about bioidenticals and the first doctor said to me, "Well, I think that's just a placebo." I go, "It can't be a placebo because I feel noticeably different."


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