Get your omega-3s in this guacamole.

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Another way to stay young that has gotten plenty of media attention lately is omega-3 fatty acids. If you're relying on flax seed for your omega-3s, Dr. Oz says you most likely need to roast or grind the seeds to release the oils. If you just eat them, you'd need to really chew them with your teeth, which is difficult to do. Other good sources include walnuts and hemp seeds.

One of the most widely reported sources of omega-3s is salmon. But recently many concerns have been raised about eating salmon—whether the fish is wild or farm-raised, worries about global sustainability, overfishing and rising mercury levels. The best way to get around these issues, Dr. Oz says, is to get to the source and eat what the salmon eat—spirolina algae, which has valuable DHA omega-3s. "We can avoid the issues of sustainability because we can get a ton of it," he says. "You can grow algae pretty easily, and it's a much more efficient way of getting it."

Get the recipe for Dr. Oz's guacamole made with spirulina algae.

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