Angela is having trouble maintaining her weight as she ages.

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Now that we're eating right, it's time to get moving, too! Dr. Oz wants to emphasize that the focus of exercising should be to lose inches from your waist, not pounds off the scale. "When you start exercising and putting on muscle mass, you'll actually increase your weight a tiny bit, but your waist size will go down," he says. "You'll look better."

Maintaining weight as the years pass is a constant struggle, says 45-year-old Angela. "Every year, I just seem to see the scale going up and up with those years adding on. I'm exercising regularly. I'm eating a well-balanced diet. I feel like I should be at least maintaining. Not adding. Now I found myself with 15, 20 pounds to lose, and it just won't budge. Do you have any suggestions?"

Dr. Oz thinks Angela's problem is that she is not pushing herself hard enough. She needs to be working out at her target heart rate, which is 140.

The formula to find your ideal heart rate when exercising is 220 minus your age multiplied by 0.80.

Angela hops onto an elliptical machine for a cardiovascular workout at a level 6. Before long, she has already reached a heart rate of 140. "The fact you got there so quickly is a little bit of concern, because you shouldn't be able to get to your ideal heart rate so fast," Dr. Oz says. "You should be in better shape than that." To get in shape, Dr. Oz says Angela needs to work out at her target heart rate for 20 minutes, three times a week.
As a reminder, always consult your doctor for medical advice and treatment before starting any program.