Week 1

Quitting any addiction cold turkey is not only really hard, but it also increases your chance of relapse. This week, switch from all regular soda to diet soda. Add foods high in L-glutamine, like eggs, beans and fish to your diet. L-glutamine is an amino acid that may help reduce sugar cravings.

Go Sugar-Free
During the first week of the challenge, you will break the addiction to sugar. Switch from regular soda to sugar-free (or "diet") soda. If you only drink diet soda already, you're one step ahead of the game. Try to consume one fewer can per day.

Week 2

As you tackle the second addictive ingredient in soda, remember that headaches are a common symptom of caffeine withdrawal. Taking ibuprofen can help relieve your headaches, and so can eating foods rich in vitamin B, like chickpeas, spinach and whole-grain cereal.

Go Caffeine-Free
Switch all sugar-free diet soda to soda that is sugar-free and caffeine-free.

Week 3

As you cut your soda consumption in half, find other fizzy drinks to enjoy. Try carbonated water with a splash of juice or a squeeze of fresh lemon or lime. Try carbonated water with coconut water, which is low in sugar and high in potassium.

Cut Your Consumption by 50 percent
No cheating! Whatever amount of soda you are currently drinking, cut it in half. If you drink six sodas a day, decide which three are the most important to you and eliminate the other three.

Week 4

As you start the last week of Dr. Oz's Soda Challenge, you are no longer drinking any soda of any kind. At the end of the week, use the money you would have spent on soda to treat yourself to something that is good for you.

Go Soda-Free
If you experience cravings, try chewing sugar-free gum. And if you find yourself fixating on soda, find something to distract you, like taking a walk, doing 10 push-ups or calling a friend.


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