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Holiday Cooking...Tasty and Healthier
Cooking healthier meals for the holidays doesn't mean that your family will have to sacrifice flavor. Dr. Oz recommends a few ways that you can add good nutritional ideas to classic dishes.

Reduce the amount of butter and use pecans as a substitute to flavor some foods. Mix in chopped fruits or herbs—add fresh cranberries to roll recipes, stir raisins into stuffing mixes, and whip crushed garlic into mashed potatoes.

Spicy food can help reduce your appetite, so add ingredients like cinnamon and red pepper flakes to old favorites.

Cut the saturated fat in your meal by skimming the fat off the top of gravy, flavoring squash with pineapple juice instead of butter, replacing sour cream dips with hummus, and eating turkey's light meat rather than its richer dark meat.