How do you achieve authentic beauty? Dr. Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen say you'll know you've gotten there when you have perfect alignment between who you are and who you want to be.

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Videos to make your brain beautiful.Enrich Your Mind
Can your brain affect your beauty, your happiness and your sex life? Of course it can!
Find out how 

Back pain is the most common chronic pain. Love Your Body
Your most beautiful self is just a few minutes away. Watch Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen's tips on skin, teeth, energy and back pain. 
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Back pain is the most common chronic pain.From Head to Toe
After getting your brain and body up to speed, it's time to get down to the details—the docs talk hair, nails, waists and plastic surgery. 
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What happens to your brain when you're in love?Love, Sex and Your Brain
Is lovesickness real? Can having sex once a week instead of once a month make you as happy as $50,000 a year would?
Explore the biology of love Watch

The dangers of depression.Dangers of Depression
More than momentary sadness, depression increases the risk of suicide, inflammation and illness.
Effective treatments without medication Watch

Money and work are the root of most stress.Managing Stress About Money
Money and work are the biggest causes of stress. Find out how to make your financial life less stressful and your office healthier.
How to de-stress! Watch

How to beat back pain. Beat Back Pain
Your core, posture and stamina will predict if acute back pain is in your future.
How is your stamina? Watch

Try this simple skin test.A Simple Skin Test
Test your skin's vibrancy—are you aging too fast?
Find out now Watch

Dental health is vital for overall health. Oral Examination
Your teeth and gums have a huge impact on your overall health.
Why flossing can help your heart Watch 

Are you running on empty? Get back your vitality.4 Common Energy Problems
Running on empty? You might be experiencing a common problem that leaves your body functioning inefficiently.
Battle fatigue and restore your energy Watch

Keep your nails healthy.Manicure and Pedicure Safety
The importance of sterilization, what your nails might say about your health...and what you can really learn from a man's hands.
Plus, the dangers of high heels Watch

Prevent hair loss. Hair to There
The changes to your daily diet and morning beauty regimen that could leave your hair looking thicker and healthier.
Try these Watch

Dr. Oz reveals the ultimate beauty ratio. The Beauty Ratio
How your omentum and waist-to-hip ratio can determine how attractive—and healthy—you are
What your belly knows Watch

Cut through the hype around plastic surgery.Considering Cosmetic Plastic Surgery?
The latest trends—and hype—in invasive and noninvasive cosmetic procedures.
Is plastic surgery for you? Watch


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