Day 8
  1. Continue with Everyday Basics. They're called Everyday Basics, because well, uh, they serve as your daily list of fundamentals that provide the basic foundation for healthy living. Of course, you'll also continue to eat healthfully, following some of the recipes we list below and not bringing bad-for-you foods into your house. Keep at least two of your meals and most of your snacks automated.
  2. Measure your blood, pressure, heart rate and waist size.
  3. Record the results from these YOU Tests...
    • Push-up test
    • Sit-up test
    • Hand-grip test
    • Hip-flexion test
    • Eye test
    • Balance test
    • Lung Test
  4. Restock your kitchen with healthy foods.

  1. Do the Chi-gong Workout.
  2. Call a high school friend you haven't talked to in years.

Day 10
  1. Do the Excuse-Busting Workout.
  2. Write a thank you note to your significant other or a parent, and tell him or her how much you appreciate the small things they do.


Day 11
  1. Take a break-day from media and try some stress-reduction techniques.
  2. Think about and write down why you care about living.
  3. Call on someone over the age of 80 who you might not talk to regularly.

Day 12
  1. Do the Excuse-Busting Workout.
  2. Do something you've never done before.
  3. Memorize a passage from a poem.
  4. Write down three things you are grateful for.

Day 13
  1. Do something as a family.
  2. Depending on how many enemies you have, forgive another foe.
  3. Write a thank you note to someone who helped you—at a hospital or a car-service department, for example.

Day 14
  1. Do the Chi-gong Workout.
  2. Think about why someone you know over the age of 80 might care about being healthy.
  3. Teach someone else why extending your warranty isn't the same thing as preventing disease.
Your Daily YOU-Do list

You will need the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the symptom checklist. Download it here.

You're done with Week 2. Now learn the Staying Young plan for the rest of your life.