The Humphries children get healthier.

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Seeing the results of the morphing experiment was a big wake-up call for the Humphries. They threw out all their junk food and replaced it with healthy snacks like yogurt and carrots. And in place of TV time, the boys took up tae kwon do and swimming.

While the new lifestyle didn't go over well at first, the boys eventually warmed to it. After 10 months with healthy living the Humphries family isn't turning back. "When I saw the morph, I'm like, 'I don't want to look like that when I grow up. So I'm going to start eating this,'" Cody says. "It's simple."

"I just felt like I was losing the battle constantly, on a daily basis, just like many Americans are today. I just felt helpless, I needed to be empowered," Lisa says. "I want to encourage people by telling them they're not the only ones. There are people out there to help. Just fight the fight and never give up."