If you know someone who can't go a day without pills, who gets annoyed with you raise the issue or feels guilty about taking pills, Dr. Oz says she is probably addicted. Once you recognize the addiction, Dr. Oz urges you to get her the help she so desperately needs.

Dr. Oz says an addict has a less than 5 percent chance of recovering without help. To get the conversation started, Dr. Oz suggests choreographing a script.

"I know this sounds hokey, but it works," he says. "You go to everyone who's important, and you say, 'When they come to you and try to wiggle out of what's really happening with the addiction we know they have, we're all going to say the exact same thing.' Which is, 'We love you, but you've got to do this.' Do not give them an out, or they will take it."

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