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Day 7: Write Every Bite, Scribble Every Nibble
Chips from your mate's plate, a granola bar from the vending machine—it's so easy to mindlessly munch. But people who track what they eat can lose twice as much weight as those who don't, one study showed. A notebook will do the trick, but if you need more bells and whistles, check out these sites:

Join one of thousands of goal-oriented teams (like Beachbody Challenge and Over 50!) to boost your drive and find support when you need it.

Lose It!
Straightforward and easy to customize, this app and site motivates with badges ("10 Pound Club") that you can share with friends who are members, too.

Talk about convenient: The FoodScanner app ($.99) allows you to update your log by simply scanning an item's bar code. DailyBurn's database has more than 600,000 foods.

Personalized diet plans help you tackle "SparkStreaks," small suggested daily goals like curbing late-night snacking.