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Day 21: Purge Your Pantry
All you need is an hour and a garbage bag. Check the first three ingredients of all packaged items and toss if any of them are "sugar" or...

End in –ose
These are also added sugars, full of empty calories. (Two exceptions are the naturally occurring sugars lactose, found in milk, and fructose, found in fruit and vegetables.) Make sure you take an especially close look at the labels on low-fat products. Manufacturers often pack these items with added sugars to make up for lost flavor.

End in –ol
These are sugar alcohols, which are chemically different from regular sugars—meaning they can be included in products labeled "sugar-free." But while sugar alcohols are lower in calories gram for gram, they can be just as fattening when consumed in large quantities. They can also lead to bloating and diarrhea.