How to Look 10 Pounds Thinner
The secret to faking it before you make it is to change the way you dress. The single biggest mistake women make, whether they have big bottoms or big middles, is layering clothes or wearing baggy clothes in an attempt to hide their problem areas. However, this has the opposite effect, highlighting exactly what you're trying to disguise. It can even make you appear 5-10 pounds heavier. Rather than hide something, work to accentuate your assets.

Disguise Your Bottom:
  • Go for rich, dark tones on the bottom. To draw the eye upward, pair with light-colored, patterned or embellished tops.
  • The length of your top should hit the middle of your hip area.
  • Wear wide leg trousers and A-line skirts.
  • Avoid cuts that hug your hips and taper down – this will accentuate your bottom area.

Disguise Your Middle:
  • Wear V-shaped necklines to elongate your neck and draw attention toward your face.
  • Avoid billowy tops and small, busy horizontal prints; they'll make you appear wider.
  • On top, go for solid, deeper tones such as rich purple, dark berry, cinnamon and deep orange; style it up with a structured blazer.
  • A wrap dress can help camouflage your belly and give you more of a waistline.

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