Try acupressure on your own hand.

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Dr. Oz has already introduced Oprah to acupuncture . While that's a terrific way to get relief, it's not a technique people can do at home. For simple relief of headaches and stress, Dr. Oz says he likes acupressure. "The basic principle of acupuncture and acupressure are the same," he says. "The traditional Chinese technique is that you actually have energy meridians that go up your arm, and these lines of energy get disrupted sometimes and they can cause some of the subtle things that we complain about."

There's a simple acupressure technique that Dr. Oz says you can try on yourself.

Take your hand and pick a spot that's halfway between your thumb and your index finger. "If I push there gently with the tip of my finger, there's a little bit of discomfort," he says. Doing this for a few minutes is an effective treatment for headaches.
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