Drink Robust, Antioxidant-Rich Wine on a Beer Budget
One glass of red wine a day can cost you hundreds of dollars a year, but you can splurge on great wine and still save money. The secret to indulging is to find high-quality boxed wine. This European trend is making its way stateside. Upscale vineyards are now producing high-quality boxed wines from the best wine regions of California, France and Italy. This wine is sold at a lower price; a glass from a box costs only around $1.50, half the price of a glass from a bottle. For an added savings, a box of wine contains around 4 bottles. Wine experts recommend purchasing reds in boxes, because of their robust flavor. France has been boxing wines for decades, so look for varieties from the French countryside, such as Côtes du Rhône or Bordeaux.

Eat Like a Greek Shipping Magnate Without Going Broke
Dr. Oz is a huge proponent of the Mediterranean Diet, which includes fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, oil and fish. The primary expenses of the Mediterranean diet are fresh foods. By purchasing the same items frozen or canned, you get the same health benefits for less money. With more healthy food, you'll reduce your cravings for junk foods, and the savings will add up. These simple changes have been show to save $30 dollars a week, clocking in at over $1,500 year on food.

To make saving even easier, apply these strategies to the four key components of the Mediterranean diet:

1. Vegetables and Fruit
Not only are canned and frozen foods cheaper, you won't waste money by throwing away produce that spoiled before you could eat it. Try frozen veggie steamer bags. They're just as healthy as fresh foods and are ready in less than 5 minutes in the microwave.

2. Protein
The Mediterranean diet features lean meats and fish. Instead of purchasing fresh fish, choose cheaper alternatives like salmon in a pouch or frozen fish, which is 40 percent cheaper and is often fresher than food from the seafood counter, where the fish often arrives frozen and is defrosted, despite being labeled "fresh." You can also get plenty of protein from beans. Try beans in a new way, like black bean burgers patties.

3. Grains
Skip the boxed versions of whole grains and buy them in bulk. Try barley, which is as cheap as oatmeal but contains more protein.

4. Nuts and Oil
Buy nuts on sale and keep them in the fridge, where they'll last up to 6 months. You can also keep them in the freezer for up to 1 year. For an extra money-saver, cook with canola oil. It's a healthy option that's half the price of olive oil.

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