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"Gaining Weight Is Inevitable as You Age."
It's a Draw: With age, your body's production of hormones that help maintain muscle mass begins to decrease. Additionally, most of us become less active as we get older, which also causes loss of muscle mass. Combined, the distribution of your weight changes. As you lose muscle weight, more of your weight can be attributed to fat. To counteract age-related weight gain, you need to practice strength training. Do 10 minutes of exercises such as lunges, leg lifts and pull-ups several days a week. By building your muscle back up, you'll burn more fat. Another harsh reality tied to aging: Your metabolism simply slows down by about 5 percent for every decade past age 40. To counteract this, force your metabolism to work harder by cutting calories. As a rule of thumb, beginning at age 40, cut approximately 50 to 100 calories out of your daily diet.

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